Paranormal Products

Exclusively at the Haunted Antique Shop

Don’t leave the Haunted Antique Shop without a gift for yourself or someone you love. We have something for everyone, including Haunted Antique Shop mugs, tote bags, psychic jewelry, and amulets.

Handmade at the Haunted Antique Shop

We make our own Teeny Tiny Ghosts, Spirit Keys, Beadstrology Jewelry, and Messenger Jewelry.

Teeny Tiny Ghosts

Teeny Tiny Ghosts™ are pocket-size poltergeists. Hang out with them at home, or bring them along on all your adventures!

Teeny Tiny Ghosts are hand-made, hand-embroidered, and absolutely adorable. Every Teeny Tiny Ghost comes with an adoption certificate and a guide to its comfort, care, and companionship.

Spirit Key Pendulums

Spirit Key Pendulums™ can help you divine the answers to simple yes-or-no questions, find lost items on a map, choose dates on a calendar, and narrow any range of options to a single election.

Spirit Key Pendulums are handcrafted from vintage keys, crystals, gemstones, and charms. Each one will come to you in a drawstring pouch, accompanied with step-by-step instructions and suggestions.

Beadstrology Jewelry

Beadstrology™ combines the art of beadwork with the science of astrology.

Our Beadstrology necklaces , bracelets, and bookmarks start with your birth cart, and then we re-create the chart with gemstone beads.

You’ll see your planets wrapped around the chart, just as the circle of the zodiac—the planets, signs, and houses—embraced you at the moment of your birth.

Messenger Jewelry

Messenger Jewelry was inspired by the many people who feel a connection to their loved ones when they see dragonflies.