Teeny Tiny Ghosts™

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Teeny Tiny Ghosts™ are pocket-size poltergeists. Hang out with them at home, or bring them along on all your adventures!

Teeny Tiny Ghosts are hand-made, hand-embroidered, and absolutely adorable.

Teeny Tiny Ghosts are friendly and affectionate. Most are quiet and soft-spoken. They may be playful, but they’re never harmful or malicious.

Every Teeny Tiny Ghost comes with an adoption certificate and a guide to its comfort, care, and companionship.

Teeny Tiny Ghosts can be trusted with your fondest hopes and wishes. They respect your privacy, and they will carry your secrets to the grave.

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Teeny Tiny Ghost™ and Teeny Tiny Ghosts™ are the trademarks of Corrine Kenner.