Spirit Key Pendulums can help you divine the answers to simple yes-or-no questions, find lost items on a map, choose dates on a calendar, and narrow any range of options to a single election. Best of all, Spirit Key Pendulums are fun and easy to use!

Spirit Key Pendulums are handcrafted from vintage keys, crystals, gemstones, and charms. Each one will come to you in a drawstring pouch, accompanied with step-by-step instructions and suggestions.

You can find Spirit Keys at The Haunted Antique Shop and our booth at the Artisan Alley Farmer’s Market in DeLand, Florida, on Friday nights from 6 to 9 p.m.

Keys symbolize entry and passageways. With the right key in your hand, you can move through locked doorways, cross thresholds of belief, and gain access to secret wisdom and understanding.

I’ve been making and using pendulums for years. My first were primitive but functional, crafted from clunky metal beads and twisted cord. Before long, I switched to gemstone focal points and beaded crystals. Now I make most of my pendulums with vintage keys, chosen for their history, symbolism, and aesthetic appeal.

— Corrine Kenner