The Past Is Present

The Haunted Antique Shop is a magical place, where you’ll find heirloom quality antiques and collectibles, including vintage furnishings, jewelry, and decor.

You’re guaranteed to find treasured mementos of the past. In the process, you can also access mysteries and messages from the Spirit World.


They’re here. Look for orbs and flashes of light. Listen for phantom footsteps, murmured whispers, and the sound of a horse-drawn carriage on the street. Perhaps you’ll catch a hint of spectral cigar smoke, or hear a child’s laughter from an empty room. Ask us, and we’ll tell you what we’ve experienced. Ask to borrow our EMF detector, and try a little ghost hunting of your own.

Haunted Antiques

Many of our antiques seem to take on a life of their own. Displays rearrange themselves, lights turn on and off, and doors open and close on their own. We’ve also noticed that most of our dolls are preternaturally playful. Don’t be surprised if one of them wants to follow you home.

Cabinet of Curiosities

We keep our most unusual artifacts in a “Cabinet of Curiosities” in the front parlor. Open the doors (if you dare) and look inside for an ever-changing array of haunted artifacts, historical oddities, and creepy collectibles. We guarantee you’ll find more than meets the eye.

Psychic Readings

A gently haunted antique shop is the perfect place to learn more about the secrets of your past, present, and future. Ask for a tarot reading, astrological consultation, or channeling session. We teach psychic development, too, so you can learn how to refine your own intuitive gifts.

Paranormal Research

If you’re a paranormal investigator or part of a ghost-hunting team, you can rent the shop for after-hours research.

Ghost Stories Book Club

If you’d rather experience the spirit world vicariously, join our ghost stories book club. We meet once a month to talk about classic and contemporary books that feature ghostly characters and paranormal activity.

Writing Classes

Join our writers group and learn how tarot and astrology can kick-start your creativity.

Murder Mystery Dinner Parties

On special evenings, the Haunted Antique Shop becomes a 1920s speakeasy. Come in costume and see if you can figure out whodunnit.