The Quantum Power of Tarot

In the Tarot of Physics, physics describes tarot cards—and tarot cards describe physics.

Every card in the 78-card deck features a scientific principle, combined with a vintage-looking line drawing and a short explanation of the concept.

We live in a world of Newtonian physics, where time is linear, and every occurrence — even those we can’t explain — somehow conforms to the laws of nature. Give us an effect, and we’ll find the cause. A newer branch of physics, however — quantum physics— suggests that time doesn’t unfold just as we perceive it. In quantum physics, time seems to flow in every direction, and events in the future seem to travel back to influence the present. As those events bounce back and forth through the time stream, they even seem to communicate with each other — which could explain how tarot cards are able to depict events that haven’t yet occurred.

From Simple Fortunetelling with Tarot Cards: Corrine Kenner’s Complete Guide

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