Shining a Light on Ghost Hunting

Ghost Hunting Tools & Techniques: Flashlights

Flashlights aren’t just as a source of light in ghost hunting investigations. Some ghost hunters also use them to communicate with spirits.

Some ghost hunters believe that spirits can manipulate the energy of the flashlight to turn it on or off in response to questions. This technique is commonly referred to as “flashlight communication.” Ghost hunters will ask yes-or-no questions and ask spirits to turn the flashlight on or off to indicate their response.

The technique is called “flashlight signaling.” They might ask spirits to turn the flashlight on or off as a response to specific prompts or requests. For example, they might ask the spirit to turn the flashlight on if they are present in the room, or to turn the flashlight off if they would like the ghost hunters to leave. They can also have flashlight conversations with spirits, by asking questions like “Are you a male spirit?” and request that the flashlight turn on for yes and off for no.

It is important to note that not all ghost hunters use flashlights as a form of communication with spirits. Some investigators believe that the flashlight communication technique is not reliable and can be easily explained by environmental factors or equipment malfunction. Others argue that the technique is valid and have had success using it in their investigations.

Regardless of whether or not ghost hunters use them to communicate with spirits, flashlights are a valuable tool in any investigation. They provide a source of light in dark environments and allow ghost hunters to see details that may otherwise go unnoticed. Flashlights are a valuable tool in any investigation and should be included in any ghost hunting kit.