Enjoy a private, 45-minute guided tour of the Haunted Antique Shop led by author, astrologer, and storyteller Corrine Kenner.

Family-friendly. $20 Adults/$10 Children 6-16. (Infants can be carried. Strollers welcome. Please hold toddlers’ hands.) 

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  • Learn about our family’s experiences as caretakers of a gently haunted antique shop.
  • Meet Haunted Charlie, the antique doll who serves as the ghostly guardian of the shop.
  • Say hello to our resident spirits:
    • The 1920s chauffeur who still sees visitors to their destination.
    • The argumentative 1930s dry cleaner and his wife with mother-in-law issues.
    • The 1940s music teacher who controls the soundtracks we listen to at the shop.
  • Examine our most haunted artifacts.
  • Learn how to use dowsing rods, Spirit Key pendulums, and EMF meters.
  • Borrow tools from our ghost-hunting kit and conduct your own paranormal investigation.