The Haunted Antique Shop’s Paranormal Museum highlights the most haunted artifacts in our collection, located throughout the shop.

You can explore the Paranormal Museum at your own pace, with an audio-visual tour that works on Android and Apple phones and devices. You can even try your hand at ghost hunting!

The tour is suitable for all ages. Pay for the tour at the shop, and you’ll save 50%.


— Meet “Haunted Charlie,” the ghostly guardian of the shop.

— Peer into our Cabinet of Curiosities.

— Sit in Lucinda’s haunted rocking chair.

— Stand in the glow of the Grant Bly chandeliers.

— Spin the Wheel of Fate.

— Listen for James’ spectral voice in the kitchen.

— Choose a book and get it autographed by author Corrine Kenner.

— Ask for a tarot or astrology reading.


— “That was worth every penny!”

— “That was loads of fun.”

— “It was fantastic!”

— “It made our trip to DeLand worthwhile.”