Mission Creep at the Paranormal Museum

By Corrine Kenner at the Haunted Antique Shop.

Everything I do starts small and then seems to snowball. A few months ago, I put together a simplified free version of our Paranormal Museum Tour. It was a good tour — but watching people actually use it, I realized my descriptions were way too long. Even I got a little impatient listening to the narration! So I tightened it up. (The sweet spot, if you’re curious, is 15 to 25 seconds of commentary at each stop.)

While I was cutting the text, however, I tripled the number of stops on the tour, bumping it up from 11 locations to 33. Hello again, mission creep! My quick one-day project turned into a two-week production.

Well, it was worth it. At this point, I think the tour is just about right. Having more stops with shorter descriptions actually makes it more flexible (and more fun), since people can pace themselves. Last week, one woman breezed through the entire tour in 15 minutes, while a chatty couple on a date spent an hour seeing the sights.

We currently charge $5 for the tour in the shop, and $10 if you access it online. It’s available at tinyurl.com/hauntedcharlie, which means you don’t even need to be in Florida to enjoy the tour!

If you use the following secret catchphrase, in person or in the comments, I’ll give you a free unlock code. Just get my attention and whisper, “Corrine, I hear your Paranormal Museum Tour is amazing.”

— Corrine Kenner

PS: I still want to go in and standardize the size and shape of all the images on the tour, but I’m not letting myself do that until I get my office back in order. My daughter Emily came in yesterday and told me I need to seriously Marie Kondo that space.

About the Author

Corrine Kenner is an author, astrologer, certified tarot master, and owner of the Haunted Antique Shop and Paranormal Museum. Click here to schedule a reading with Corrine.