Cards, Stars, and Stories

Corrine Kenner specializes in bringing metaphysical subjects down to earth. She’s an author, astrologer, tarot card reader, and owner of the Haunted Antique Shop in DeLand, Florida. She hosts a weekly “Ghost Writers” group at the shop, along with a Ghost Stories Book Club that meets once a month.

Corrine started her career as a newspaper reporter, and in the years since then she has worked as a magazine editor, book editor, media relations specialist, ghostwriter, and website developer. She’s written hundreds of newspaper, magazine, and website articles, as well as dozens of how-to guides and technical manuals.

Many of her books have been translated for a worldwide audience: they’re available in Chinese, French, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

She lived in Brazil, where she learned Portuguese, and Los Angeles, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from California State University. In 2016, she spent a month in a French castle, writing a novel—a project that was featured on CNN. She’s also had the good fortune to speak at tarot conferences across the United States, Canada, and England.

Featured Publications

You can buy copies of Corrine’s books in The Haunted Antique Shop or on Amazon. They include:

  • Gently Haunted: True Stories from the Haunted Antique Shop (September 2022)
  • Foresight: A Guide to the Before Tarot (2018)
  • Afterthoughts: A Guide to the After Tarot (2017)
  • Flash Fiction (2016)
  • The Colors of Light: The Official Guide to the Impressionist Tarot (2015)
  • The Ghosts of Devils Lake: True Stories from my Haunted Hometown (2013)
  • Astrology for Writers: Spark Your Creativity Using the Zodiac (2013)
  • Tarot and Astrology: Enhance Your Readings with the Wisdom of the Zodiac (2012)
  • The Wizards Tarot Deck and Guidebook  (2011)
  • Susan and the Mermaid: A Rediscovered Story by Pamela Colman Smith (2010)
  • Tarot for Writers (2009)
  • Simple Fortunetelling with Tarot Cards: Corrine Kenner’s Complete Guide (2007)
  • Crystals for Beginners: A Guide to Collecting & Using Stones & Crystals (2006)
  • Tarot Journaling: Using the Celtic Cross to Unveil Your Hidden Story (2006)
  • Tall Dark Stranger: Tarot for Love and Romance (2005)
  • The Epicurean Tarot (2001)