Meanwhile in Kurukuru

By Corrine Kenner at the Haunted Antique Shop.

Take a look at this spooky six-minute movie filmed at a haunted antique shop in Japan! It’s a world away from our own Haunted Antique Shop — in every sense of the world — but it’s oddly fascinating.

I also enjoyed the writing that accompanies the video. It’s a stream-of-consciousness post that seems to capture the look and feel of the Japanese shop.

Otherwise, our pilgrimage of choice is the divine Kurukuru (pictured), which is a huge sprawling place full of junk and sometimes very beautiful antiques; horror dolls, records, and a glass cabinet – which if you watch the film that follows – does sometimes contain whole armfuls of the preciousness; (if you remember my recent cache of Madame Rochas), this is where they all came from. More often than not we get other things; furniture, nice glasses and crockery; Javan masks – all kinds of things, and at always extremely reasonable prices. The people in there are lovely, really unpretentious and open, which is why D had the idea last week, after being asked to contribute at the last minute to a Halloween night with a Tokyo art collective, to go there after work one evening and ask if it would be ok to make a quick horror movie. They said yes, even though the shop would be open as usual and any customers walking the aisles might have a surprise….

About the Author

Corrine Kenner is an author, astrologer, certified tarot master, and owner of the Haunted Antique Shop and Paranormal Museum. Click here to schedule a reading with Corrine.