Explore the Haunted Antique Shop

If you’re a ghost hunter or part of a paranormal investigation team, you can book the Haunted Antique Shop for your research.

  • The shop is located at 612 W New York Avenue in DeLand, Florida, in a historic Craftsman bungalow that was built in 1920.
  • Pricing starts at $100 for two hours and up to six participants. Each additional hour is $50.
  • We schedule most investigations between 6 and 10 pm. After 10 pm, the price is $100 an hour.
  • The fee is payable when you check in. We accept cash and credit cards.
  • During your investigation, you’ll have access to all areas of the Haunted Antique Shop, including the front porch, front parlor, tarot parlor/séance room, historic dining room, original kitchen, butler’s pantry, bathroom, and back deck. You can even come into the office — our “Haunted Headquarters” —  where we’ll be quietly working as you explore.
  • You can investigate with the overhead lights on or off. We can also light the shop with candles.
  • You are welcome to use our electricity and WiFi, and we’ll have cookies and bottled water on hand for you and your team.
  • We’ll be happy to tell you about our experiences in the shop. If you want to begin your investigation with a clean slate, we can compare notes during the last half hour of your session.
  • We have researched the history of the house and the people who lived here. We also have a wide range of artifacts for you to examine. Some of them date back hundreds of years.
  • You’ll receive complimentary access to an audio tour of the shop, which you can enjoy before or after your investigation.
  • We have two private parking lots, one in front and one behind the shop. You can park in either lot.
  • Our shop is wheelchair accessible. There’s a ramp at the back door that’s also useful if you have a wagonload of gear you’d like to bring in.

Please come with patience and an open mind. We experience ghostly phenomena on a regular basis, but we cannot guarantee any paranormal activity.

To schedule your investigation, stop into the shop, email hauntedantiqueshop@gmail.com, or text Corrine at (386) 414-3794.

Gently Haunted: True Stories from the Haunted Antique Shop

Our book about the shop will be released on September 8, 2022. It’s available for pre-order now on Amazon.com