How to Tell if an Antique Doll (or Any Item) Is Haunted

Just how attached are you to that yard-sale find?

Amanda Linette Meder has written a great guide to sensing energy around haunted antiques. If you’d like to try any of her techniques, come to the Haunted Antique Shop!

By Amanda Linette Meder

Bringing home an antique piece from a yard sale and concerned it has an attachment? Estate shopping and have noticed unusual activity since bringing home an older object? Want to know how to tell if an object has a spiritual attachment before you buy it?

When I was a little girl, I had the luxury of having a friend in my Girl Scouts troop who lived in an old farmhouse filled with wonders and mysteries.

One of these wonders was an old doll she had, that, when home alone, we’d set by itself, then go off to have a snack.

Somehow, we’d always come back to that doll being in another position or another room entirely.

It created so much curiosity in me, this may be why I do this today.

Dolls can carry energy, as can objects.

Objects are matter, and matter is energy, and spirits are energy, and spirits can ‘bond’ with items just like we can and do.

At flea markets, and in estate sales, it is all too easy to pick up on the reads of other nearby variables (other people or things attached to other objects) when things are that close together, especially for highly attuned sensitives.

Physically touching the item or hovering your hand over it will produce the most transparent read.

If a vintage piece is presented to you in an isolated and singular way, it is possible to determine if it has an attachment by looking at it or by stepping in and out of its energy field.

However, this technique doesn’t work in all circumstances, and it is much harder to do in crowded shopping areas effectively.

Holding the piece, touching it, isolating it – will give you the best read –

So without further ado, here’s the full technique to tell for sure if a piece is carrying residual energy or any other spiritual attachment …

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