Ghosts Are History

By Corrine Kenner at the Haunted Antique Shop.

I’m a history buff. I’m also a ghost enthusiast. To me, history and ghosts go hand in hand. That’s why I was so surprised when an old history buff here in DeLand — we’ll call him Mr. Surly — got all in my face about ghosts.

“Ghosts are overdone!” he shouted. “Everyone says everything is haunted, but it’s not! Ghosts aren’t real!”

Alrighty, I thought to myself, backing away slowly. Good to know where you stand.

But the more I think about it, the more I believe that ghost stories are one of the best ways to share the history of the people and places we treasure, particularly with young people.

I can only talk about my own business and my own customers, but you know who gets the most excited about ghosts? Teenagers, college students, and by extension, their parents. They love hearing ghost stories — and they love hearing about the history of this town when it’s told with an infusion of ghosty goodness.

Mr. Surly can think what he wants about ghosts, but I can tell you this: tomorrow’s history buffs won’t be drawn into the field by crabby old guys. They’re looking for ghosts.

About the Author

Corrine Kenner is an author, astrologer, certified tarot master, and owner of the Haunted Antique Shop and Paranormal Museum. Click here to schedule a reading with Corrine.