Join the Ghost Hunter Club

Experience the thrill of ghost hunting! Our Ghost Hunter Club is a fun and easy way to connect with the Spirit World—and with kindred spirits. Take part in our exclusive Full Moon Adventures, and learn how to hone your ghost-hunting skills and paranormal gifts. Come to our members-only socials and you can share your experiences with other ghost-hunting enthusiasts.

Note: This club is designed for adults. Participants must be at least 18. Our ghost-hunting adventures and discussions may be too advanced for younger people.

Membership Levels

Seeker: $1

Entry-level seekers can join the Ghost Hunter Club for just $1. You’ll receive an official Ghost Hunter Club member I.D. card and invitations to all of our members-only events.

Hunter: $10

Become an official Ghost Hunter for $10, and you’ll get a member I.D. card and a Haunted Antique Shop mug.

Adventurer: $25

Join at the Adventurer level, and you’ll receive a member I.D. card, a Haunted Antique Shop mug, a Haunted Antique Shop key chain, and a designer tote bag to carry your ghost-hunting tools.

Become a Member

Join in person at The Haunted Antique Shop in DeLand, Florida, or click here to join online.

Member Benefits

  • Event invitations. When you join the Ghost Hunter Club, you’ll be the first to know about upcoming classes, workshops, social gatherings, and ghost-hunting adventures.
  • Monthly ghost hunting adventures. Learn about the tools and techniques that paranormal investigators use, and try them by the light of the moon.
  • Social gatherings. Meet kindred spirits, share stories, and enjoy The Haunted Antique Shop during private, members-only gatherings.

Members Only

When you join in person or come to your first event, you’ll receive an official member I.D. card. Please bring it with you to check in to all events. Replacement I.D. cards are $1.