Gently Haunted

True Stories from the Haunted Antique Shop

Gently Haunted is a collection of true stories of first-hand experiences with ghosts and spirits at the Haunted Antique Shop in DeLand, Florida. Click here to order.

About the Book

Join Corrine Kenner as she recounts gentle hauntings of her Florida antique shop. Meet the ghost of Annette Dennis, who holds everyone in the shop to her high musical standards and the spirits of Jim and Rossie Hearne, who possess the store’s newlywed dolls. Whether they are attracted to the century-old bungalow or the collectables sold within it, these spirits interact with the living to show us life’s joys.

In addition to hopeful stories, this book provides numerous tips for using psychometry, pendulums, dowsing rods, and tarot cards to help you reach out to friendly shadows of the past. Corrine’s experiences with objects that appear out of nowhere, move on their own, and radiate psychic energy reassure us that we can still connect to loved ones on the other side.

About the Author

Corrine Kenner specializes in bringing metaphysical subjects down to earth. She’s a world-renowned expert on psychic development. She’s written more than two dozen guidebooks on tarot and astrology, and she’s helped create several best-selling tarot decks. Most of her work has been translated for a global audience; her books and decks are available in 14 languages.