Plan Your Visit

Our Location


We can comfortably accommodate groups of 4 to 6 without advance notice. That being said, it never hurts to call or text if you’re on the way; we’d hate to miss your visit if we happen to step out for some reason. If you have a larger group, we can make special arrangements to ensure that everyone has a good time. Please tet us for details: 386-414-3794.


We have plenty of parking, both in front and behind the shop.


The Haunted Antique Shop is based in a century-old Craftsman bungalow. The parking lot in front of the shop isn’t paved; it’s gravel. Our accessible entrance is in back, where the parking lot is paved, handicapped parking spots are available, and there’s a wheelchair ramp to the door.

Photos and Videos

We’re usually happy to allow photos and video recording, but please get permission before you start shooting. We may have other customers who want privacy, or displays that are still in development.

Visitor Information

For information about visiting DeLand, go to