Every antique store is filled with the energy and emotions of those who once treasured the objects on display. At the Vintage Cottage, you can connect with those spirits directly.

Naturally, we offer a wide range of heirloom antiques and collectibles, including vintage furnishings, clothing, jewelry, and decor. You’ll love browsing for gifts, accessories, and additions to your own collections.

But unlike other antique shops, we also offer psychic readings. Choose from tarot cards, astrology, or tea-leaf readings. We teach psychic development, too, so you can learn how to refine your own intuitive gifts.

If you’d rather experience the spirit world vicariously, join our book clubs. We have one for ghost-story enthusiasts, and one for fans of Agatha Christie.

The shop’s owner, Corrine Kenner, is a world-renowned expert on tarot and astrology. She’s written more than a dozen best-selling books on psychic development, and those have been translated into 16 languages. Corrine is also a medium who trained with the original “Ghost Whisperer” from the long-running TV series.